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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Amazing 2D GRAPHICS, lovely art...

Hello friends,

Get the most amazing and lovely 2D art game with no cost...

Simple to Play, Amazing Graphics, Lovely Art, Pleasant Sound, and a lot more...

Its All FREE for You...

Get the Game    "TOON JUMP"  from Play Store and App Store.

Grab it now.....

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Get it now

Friends get the VR Space Racing Adventure Game now on your tablet, andorid and IOS.

Its free and easily available.

Click the link to get it:

The icon is:

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Its updated...

Hey friends,

As you all are aware that we had launched "VR Lost In Space" a space journey game for Android and IOS.

We have done some changes regarding the name of the game, due to some technical issues.

So, search our new VR game by keywords:

"VR Space Travel"

I am giving the link to play store to download it directly:

Icon of the game :

Play it share it and enjoy the journey.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Experience the space in VR


The most awaited game of Space VR is launched on the play store for android phone's. 

I am sharing the icon as well as link of the game for play store, check it out and be the first traveler to experience the space in VR mode.

You can click the link and download the game:

Game ICON :

Sunday, 8 January 2017

VR Lost In Space Video


Check out the video of our game "VR Lost In Space" on youtube.

Just Click this link :

Give your worthy reviews and likes.

Share it with you friends and friends.

Be in touch and updated about the dates of launching of our spaceships for the ultimate space tour.

You can also click the video i provided to you.


Saturday, 7 January 2017

Ready to take off


Pack up your luggage and get ready for the ultimate journey to the space.

As you are awaiting for the VR experience we had told earlier.

We are launching our VR game app today at midnight. Get ready to feel the thrill of space while being on your planet.

This will take you to the journey of endless space, where you might face out some challenges while travelling  as other terrestrial beings can create trouble to you.

So quickly make your squad along with your friends to fight with other beings.

Be alert and updated with to be the first to experience this ultimate journey.

You can get our VR app from Play Store & App Store by searching the keywords:

"VR Lost In Space"

Friday, 6 January 2017

"Interesting experiment with VR"

Hey all,

I hope your new year eve. was amazing and full of thrill & excitement. Now its time to give you a unique and amazing experience with the all new gadget VR.

All of you knows what can done with VR, but we will show what no one can do with VR, it seems like you are confused, don't be.

We had done a great project on VR by applying our creativity and efforts. we build  a game in VR with multiple modes, and the interesting thing is that the same modes can be played and enjoyed in VR off mode too.

So, you can enjoy the same gaming and experience in VR too.

But the experience of the player could be different in VR mode. One can feel and enjoy the live arena's, enemies environment and play experience.

Be ready, updated and be the first one to live this experience, and make jealous other's.

Thank You